Kathleen Booyse

My Alignment Journey

My philosophy has been ever evolving as I have moved through the many different phases of my life. As a little girl I was taught that there is wrong and right and that I will always know the difference when making choices. At the time I was too young to understand the significance of this statement,but I now understand it to be our intuition, our truth, our deepest calling, our compass, our dharma. This is what drives me, the Unseen, the Magic, the Truth, the Highest power, God. The first time I experienced a calling was when I signed up for my Yoga Teacher Training at The Shala Yoga School in Cape Town, South Africa. I knew that it would become my spiritual home and for 5 years it was my church. It is where I learnt to connect deeper to myself, the practice of Yoga and for the first time I experienced a real sense of community and the power that it holds. In those 5 years I completed my 200hr RYT, 300hr RYT as well as attending numerous workshops and training sessions with Yoga Teachers from all over the world. My passion for understanding human physiology was born and by connecting with my body I found a map that led me to healing,my Body, Mind and Soul. The 8 limbs of Yoga have shaped a large part of who I am today and I am committed to honoring the history and teachers of Yoga. I remain a dedicated student to these practices as I continue on my own journey and I feel honored to be able to share these practices with you. Yoga has changed my life, my students lives, and I know that it will change yours too if you have even a seed of yearning for a better, more connected existence.